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Foreclosure Q and A - Home Prices

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Negative equity increased to 1 billion nationwide in the last quarter. We talked with homeowners to find out it's work on on their bottom line.

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How is Foreclosure Q and A - Home Prices

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Q- Home prices are improbable to continue falling due to short sales and unemployment problems. Has this affected your ability to hold on to your home?

A- Well, I'm working 3.5 jobs now and my kids text message I know there still living there...'cause I don't get to see them anymore.

Q- You have a lot of stamina. Tell me your secret after the session. For the rest of you...have any of you attempted to 'refi' your homes?

A- I must have talked with a lender dude...must have been his first day on the job...'cause he just laughed at me...after he crunched the numbers...then some one came flying from the back of the office and snatched him up...and I never saw him again.

Q- The headlines tell us Nevada is sinking back into the desert...with two thirds of home owners now underwater. Anything care to comment?

A- Didn't know they had that much water in some one tapping into the Arizona pipeline?

Q- Seriously, if that's possible with this group...what issues are facing that you owe more than your home is worth?

A- We are gonna paint our house admittedly piss off the neighbors. I don't know...

Q- How much of the free coffee did you guys drink...before we started? This is one live group this morning. But, back to the topic at you have any suggestions for your fellow homeowners?

A- Buy plastics!

Q- Seems to me, that was a great idea in the '50's...but today?

A- If you must know...we put our dog on a list of talented movie make extra money. We are renting out our junker auto as living a homeless guy and mercy...I'll have to go back to work...boosting clothing at the local department store.

Q- Am I right...have most of you just...lost your minds?

A- Look Glenn Beck says it is all the President's why should I have to do anything?

Q- You are one tough bunch of coconuts this morning. We are gonna have to water down the coffee. Where was I take guys are in this for the long haul?

A- Where we gonna go...the Middle East is too hot...this time of year!

Q- Are we losing it...or does it just seem that way?

A- From these focus groups you have been running...I don't think we ever had it!

Q- are saying...if your home goes into foreclosure...

A- Pardon me for interrupting...what do you mean 'if?' It's more like...when...

Q- All right...before 'when' gets you have a plan?

A- None of my plans worked out...401k down to a dribble, the Mrs. Thinks I'm a won't listen...I'm all out of plans.

Q- Are the rest of you...all out of plans?

A- What's a plan?

Q- that we agree on something...scooch your chairs a itsybitsy closer...because...

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