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Telling it Like it is Or Politically definite

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I have been criticized on a merge of occasions for being too politically precise with my opinions on the air or in my articles. Any way there is a fine line in the middle of being politically precise and attempting to find something wrong with a field matter just for the sake of argument. After having ample time to fully digest the selections by the Ncaa Tournament Committee I have come to a resounding conclusion. They did a powerful job with arguably a few exceptions.

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How is Telling it Like it is Or Politically definite

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I have made it clear on any occasions in the past week that I belief Arizona had to win at least 1 game in the Pac 10 Tournament in order to be worthy of an at large bid. They failed to accomplish that feat losing their first game of the consulation tournament to Arizona St. This marked the 3rd time that the Sun Devils had beaten Arizona this season. It also marked the 5th loss in the last 6 games for the Wildcats. In addition Arizona won only 2 true road games this season both coming versus the Oregon schools which isn't exactly a bullet point on any teams resume let alone one that is clearly on the bubble.

The committee in my unbiased belief most assuredly dropped the ball with this choice. Which brings me to the second part of this annoying decision. Not only were the Wildcats a benefactor of a very fortunate decision then they happen to draw Utah as a 1st round opponent. Utah is by far the weakest of the four #5 seeds. Please elaborate to me Mr. Chairman how Utah gets a #5 seed, the regular season Mountain West champion Byu drops to a #8 seed, and the team they barely defeated in the consulation tournament championship game San Diego St. (one of the last teams left out of the tournament) gets snubbed for an at large berth? If I hear the respond of "the body of work" again I think that I will be sickened to my stomach. Why even use the Rpi as a part of the equation in the option process if you are going to allow a team into the tournament with a Rpi of #62 that has 13 losses on the season.

In the committee's defense every year you can make an consulation of why some teams were snubbed and others are allowed in. It is just the nature of the beast whenever a group of human beings decides the fate of other group of human beings work for a continued duration of time. Any way given the option I strongly would prefer the human element be complex in the option process than the alternative of a computer system. My case in point is to just look at the mess we have in college football on an annual basis because of the Bcs system.

That brings us to who were the final teams left out of the field? The 3 most confident choices being St. Mary's, San Diego St., and Penn St. Any option besides the 3 teams in my humble belief would being coming from the mouth of someone who is lacking objectivity, is particularly biased, or is a bit delusional. Out of the 3 mentioned teams I do believe that Penn St. Has the least of the claims. The Nittany Lions were a victim of a horrible early non-conference schedule. Yet if all the dominos fell perfectly they would have more than worthy in receiving the last at large berth.

As is the case every year there is all the time a slough of unexpected winners of consulation tournaments. This year we saw Cleveland St, Usc, and Mississippi St. Win their respective consulation tournaments and halt the hopes of 3 bubble teams on the cusp of at least having the chance of prolonging their dreams. Any way that is why it is called "March Madness" and what makes it so special.

When one is insinuated as expressing opinions that are deemed to be safe, non-controversial, or "politically correct" it is construed as being boring. The redundancy whether it be of the journalistic variety, on the radio, or aired on television results in a two-pronged effect low ratings and finally being unemployed for aspiring members of the media.

I am not supportive of any member of the media, in any capacity, all the time being, or the majority of the time, taking the stance of being politically correct. Any way the other extreme is all the time looking fault for just the sake of consulation or controversy. That type of every day arrival insults the brain of many in the general social not to mention the fact displays a lack of integrity. The use of such tactics to growth ratings and utter interest also becomes redundant. Unfortunately the uncovering of such practices is condoned yet they are just as redundant. To display that happy midpoint is not an exact science nor will it ever be.

In any event my hat goes off to the committee who in this writer's belief did a terrific job with the option process. I have set a precedent for this belief all week long if you have listened to my radio show on the Sports Journey Broadcast Network. In conclusion congratulations to all complex in the decision process. To coin a phrase that has been overused this weekend to say the least. "The body of work" in this process was the best that I can remember in up-to-date years. Now let the madness begin!

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