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So You've Been Made Redundant

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Being made redundant is something we hope will never happen but unfortunately most of us will taste it at some point within our working lives. If this has sadly already happened to you then you will probably have a lot of questions concerning what happens next.
There are any reasons as to why redundancy may happen, some of the main are that the enterprise has gone bust and therefore can no longer afford to operate, development redundancy their only option. an additional one way that redundancy cannot categorically be avoided is if the enterprise you are working for has had a allowance in the singular part of the enterprise you are working in. One last infer that results in redundancy is if the enterprise you are working for is moving to an additional one location. In this instance you may be made redundant due to the fact you are unable to move with the enterprise or it may be that when the enterprise moves your division may no longer exist. 
If you have recently been made redundant or you are facing the expectation of it then one of the many questions you probably have revolves nearby the number of pay that you are due to receive. You are however only entitled to redundancy pay under inescapable circumstances. This payment is only available if you are under 65 and you have worked in the enterprise for at least two years. The number of pay that you categorically receive however depends on your age, pay and how long you have worked for the company. This can be complicated as the payment varies from employee to employee.
Due to the current economic stepping back however, the minimum number of money that employers must pay staff when they are made redundant is said to be increased. The infer for this is an additional one exertion to ease the pain of those of us who are worst affected by the recession.
In modern years there have been redundancies of a large scale in sectors ranging from manufacturing to travel, which has left thousands of citizen not knowing where to turn or what to do next. Sound familiar? Well one thing is for sure it is important to focus on your skills and taste if you have found yourself out of a job. Even if you don't find a new job right away, don't panic, you can use the time constructively to help you find a new job. You could do voluntary work, get taste in a new line of work or do a procedure to learn some new skills. 
Getting back on track after being made redundant from a job you have done for years can seem daunting; there is help however available to get you back on the track to employment, some examples of these are:

So You've Been Made Redundant

Network - by network I mean make the most of your contacts and do your best to progress your network. By holding informed about the job market, you are more likely to hear about any vacancies. think a occupation switch - if the sector you just left looks unlikely to recover for some time, you should think other sectors where your skills could be applicable. Do your homework - Find out about the clubs you are applying to and the shop sectors in which they operate. update your Cv - make sure to include everything from your last position.

Losing your job to redundancy isn't the end of your occupation and working life. Picking yourself back up after it may take time but as long as you focus on your skills and taste you have the potential to land a new job. Until then remember help is available, even if you just need someone to talk through your options with, so don't think you have to face this alone. 

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